REVIEW: 4 Rear racks for Brompton reviewed

REVIEW: 4 Rear racks for Brompton reviewed

If you have a Brompton bike, you are certainly delighted with its functionality, and if you add the rear carriers for the bag, your enthusiasm can only be even greater. We present you four models of the brackets. Each has a special purpose that will perfectly respond to all your needs.


The Brompton Lightweight Rear Rack costs €94,99 , and it’s made of aluminum material, which means that the weight of your bike will be minimally increased with this accessory. It will allow you to carry extra weight without making it harder for you to ride. If you are planning to go camping, you do not have to give up things that you would otherwise take by car, feel free to have everything you need with you because the carrying capacity of this carrier goes all the way to 50 kilograms.

The Brompton Aluminum Rear Rack Q Type is priced at €49,99. It is the cheapest model we are offering, but no less useful. This model is the right choice if you need it for a daily ride when completing day-to-day tasks, such as going to work or shopping. Its maximum carrying capacity is 10 kilograms. It comes without wheels, but you can buy them colorful or black version in our Bromptonic Store. It is extremely light, so it won't make your riding any harder, and at the same time it is durable. You can choose this model in black and silver and adapt it to the aesthetics of the Brompton bike you have.

The Rear Brompton Rack Lightweight Aluminum in the four-wheel version is the most expensive carrier we are offering. It is valued at €164,99 for a version with 4 wheels. It has the largest load capacity of as many as 100 kilograms, and with the size of 125 * 200 mm, you will get a compact model ideal for riding and folding a Brompton bicycle in the most diverse situations. This model comes in 2 variants, with both or none of the wheels.

The Brompton Rear Rack Set is a model that combines affordable price and convenience. This bracket has dimensions of 370mm * 115mm which make it our largest bracket, its price is €94,99. It is also made of aluminum, but due to bigger dimensions, it weighs 377 grams. It is great for carrying larger loads of medium weight.

Bromptonic rear racks

We hope that you can find the accessories that will be useful for your Brompton bike and thus increase the enjoyment of riding, while making it even more comfortable. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, so visit our Bromptonic Store, complete your bike and set off.


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