REVIEW Brompton Backpack Bag - Shoulder Bag

REVIEW Brompton Backpack Bag - Shoulder Bag

REVIEW Brompton Backpack Bag - Shoulder Bag

I live in Argentina. For 18 years, I’ve been running a company that imports writing products.

Before I knew about Brompton bikes, I carried out my work by walking and using public transportation. Getting around the city every day for work was a huge pain. I saw my first Brompton in NYC several years ago. I asked the person using it what brand it was and where it came from. From that moment on, I looked into the possibility of getting one. At that time, they weren’t being imported to Argentina.

After a few years, they began to be sold here and I was able to buy my first Brompton, an H3L. Today I have 4 (H3R, H6R Black Edition, M3L and H6L). I sold the first one to buy the Black Edition. In other words, I’ve bought 5 in total. For my work, I live in and travel to several cities in Argentina. Since Bromptons are the best folding bikes for getting from one place to another, I wanted to have one in every city where I’m typically located for work and pleasure. Ever since I bought my first Brompton, I became a fan of the brand and its features. I started getting accessories that I found useful, such as baskets, tools, a workbench for maintenance, etc. I’m always looking for something new and useful for riding, whether for work or my free time. 

A few days ago, I received an email from Jean-Pierre Bobbaers of Bromptonic, who very courteously told me that as fans they found it difficult to find accessories for Brompton. Their company’s mission, as written on their website, is: ‘to make it easier for other Brompton fans to buy the products we like.’ This totally resonated with me. In the email, they offered me the chance to write a review about a product of my choice.

As I had been wanting to get a bag for a while, I asked for "the Brompton Roll Top Bag with Water Resistant Rain Cover and Adjustable Strap," which they sent me as a gift. After a few weeks of use, I’ve determined that it’s a very high-quality bag. Because it rolls up from the top, it can be adjusted to the size of whatever you’re carrying. It’s medium-sized, though it can fit items that extend over the top. The strap doubles as a handle if I don't want to hang it over my shoulder.

Basically, it can turn from a briefcase to a shoulder bag, which is extremely useful! It’s about 45 centimeters high, so you can carry anything up to that size. If I want to carry something bigger or taller, the disadvantage is that the clasp won’t fasten over it. I wish it had a little more slack. The size of the bag could be somewhat bigger, too. With Brompton, there’s no problem carrying weight, as the front support system is very strong. The width is good and the bag adjusts to 36 centimeters when closed. I use it to carry mate (a tea-like drink that’s very popular in Argentina) and other everyday things when I go out with my girlfriend. For work, I use it to carry the merchandise I sell, as well as folders and binders. I love Brompton !

This Brompton Bag can be purchased here 

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