Brompton Bike Titanium Front Rack 240g

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Brompton Bike Titanium Front Rack 240g

Brompton Bike Titanium Front Rack 240g crafted from the finest titanium to ensure a long-lasting and sturdy product, our Brompton Titanium Front Rack adds a whole new dimension of utility to your bike. From city workers who need to store laptops, documents and other office essentials to the casual rider who’s needing to stop off and grab groceries, this is the perfect solution for all your storage problems.

Simply slot on to the front of your Brompton bike and away you are. You really can use this to store anything you’ll need while riding.

Difference between version A and B is mostly in the size of the bag they can carry, as can be seen by dimensions, A being bigger.

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  • Compatible with small bags and laptop bags
  • Crafted from quality titanium, ensuring a sturdy and robust product.