Brompton Light Reflective Strap Vest

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Brompton Light Reflective Strap Vest 

Reflective LED Light Vest: Navigating City Streets with Confidence

Designed with the Urban Cyclist in Mind: This vest has been thoughtfully created to enhance the safety of the Brompton enthusiast. It integrates seamlessly into the urban cyclist's lifestyle, offering high visibility for those dawn, dusk, or night rides through busy streets. It's the perfect companion to the Brompton's fold-and-go philosophy, ensuring you're always prepared to be seen.

Style Meets Safety: This vest isn't just about protection; it's also about making a statement. With sleek design lines and eye-catching color options, it complements the iconic style of the Brompton rider. Whether you're weaving through traffic or parked at a café, this vest ensures you do so with flair and visibility.

Product Essentials:

  • Power: Battery-operated for reliable, long-lasting visibility.

Crafted for the Commute:

  • Material: Durable, high-quality Nylon built to withstand the rigors of urban cycling.
  • Weight: Featherlight at approximately 130g, it won’t add bulk to your ride.
  • Reflectivity: 360° reflective feature ensures you're visible from all angles amidst city lights.
  • Illumination: Outfitted with 4 White front LEDs and 4 Red rear LEDs to alert motorists of your presence.

Charge and Go:

  • USB Rechargeability: Features type-C charging for modern convenience, with an IPX4 rating to brave unexpected weather.
  • Style Choices: Choose from Fluorescent Black, Fluorescent Green, or Fluorescent Pink to match your Brompton's palette or your personal taste.

Adaptable Fit:

  • One Size for All: Adjustable design ensures a snug fit over any cycling attire, compatible with the Brompton rider's varied wardrobe.
  • Light Modes: Select from steady, fast flash, or slow flash modes, optimizing visibility in the bustling city environment.