REVIEW: Brompton carry handles

REVIEW: Brompton carry handles

Brompton carry handles are by many Brompton fans seen as a non-necessary item since the Brompton does have a built-in handle on the seat for holding it when folded.

However, in our opinion, that is not always true. The best example is a comment from our client, Mikael from Sweden and I quote: "Really want that strap. The electric Brompton has some extra weight." 
Or another lady from Belgium: "I need to carry my Brompton 3 stories high, and I have a back problem."

The Weight
The problem is that the Brompton folding bike weights not light, depending on the model and configuration, but ranges from 9 – 12½ kg (20 – 28lbs).

The seat
However, the Brompton seat isn't as comfortable as many custom seats. Besides, the seat from Brompton is not convenient to hold when the bike is unfolded. Another problem when holding the Brompton it's transport is uncomfortable. With the pedals or frame, it is easy to reach your shins when holding it. 

When you're holding it by the seat handle, the Brompton is heavy at the end. The front appears to lean forward, allowing the hitting of objects or those around you when riding public transportation, something that is not healthy. 

Carry handle
The Brompton carry handle addresses all of those problems. The handle lets you hold your bike from the center of the frame. The middle carrying of the Brompton makes the bike more balanced and less likely to touch you or someone else.
If you are a smaller individual or are expected to hold it for more extended periods, the Brompton can be very heavy. And carrying it up steps can be tough, particularly if you are in a city like Brussels with its metro stations. 

So let's have a look at two different carry handles:

Brompton Leather Carry Handle made of Genuine Cowhide Leather
It is produced from saddle leather and is available in either natural, black, or brown. The Brompton carry handle makes carrying your bicycle much more relaxed and comfortable. 

The price is €51,99, and you can buy it here .

Brompton carry handle & shoulder strap 
This carry handle has the advantage that you can carry it in two ways, in your hand or on your shoulder.

This accessory is perfect if you need your hands free to take other things. - in addition to allowing a balanced and comfortable lifting thanks to its central handle - it is matched with a shoulder strap held by two snap-hooks.It is made out of polyester, and thanks to the velcro straps very easy to attach to your bike. This Brompton carry handle & shoulder strap is the best price-quality product we have.The price is €29,99 and you can buy it here 


What is your reason for adding a carry handle to your Brompton? Tell us in the comments. Thank you !

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