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Review | Brompton mount for iPhone or Smartphone


Last summer, I decided to get an iPhone mount for my Brompton.

The iPhone needed to be easily and quickly removable. It should look good and should not block the folding position.


After a couple of hours reviewing the web, I found the one I needed. I am going to spare you my search results and review of other products, simply because this one is the only one that is specifically made for the Brompton.

The most important feature and benefit is that you can nicely fit it in the middle of your steering wheel. So perfectly symmetrical. All other mounts for smartphones you have to attach left or right of the center.

It fits all Brompton handlebars, the S, M, H, and the P. 

The mount has three parts: 

  • A plastic phone holder that you screw to the Bromton mount
  • A plastic mount to attach to your phone case.
  • A 3M high-quality sticker to attach the mount to your phone case.
  • A Brompton mount that you attach and screw to the middle of the handlebar.
Brompton phone mount

WARNING: Don't attach the plastic mount directly to your phone. The 3M sticker is difficult to remove. Just buy a plastic case for your phone that is not to thin (like silicon).

Once you have attached the mount to your Brompton, you just adjust the phone screen angle only once during installation. 

No need to re-adjust during the folding or unfolding process.

TIP: I did not screw the mount hard, so I can still adjust the angle if I want.

The phone mount is not to thick and still fits nicely in my pocket. However, if you don't use your phone on your bike on a daily base, you just remove the case with the mount case on it.

I encountered only one negative point; my iPhone XR is just a bit to large to nicely fit between the H handlebar. I fixed this by adjusting the angle of the phone.

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Thank you for your reading time.


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