REVIEW | Brompton front carrier frame for backpack | Bromptonic

REVIEW | Brompton front carrier frame for backpack

Since we have our folding bikes, we always wanted to attach our premium Tumi backpack to our Bromptons.

I have the original front block from Brompton attached to my bike since I own an original large shopping bag from Brompton.
It was frustrating to own an expensive, good quality backpack from Tumi and not being able to attach it.
Important to know our Tumi backpack has an "add-a-bag-sleeve."
So I thought there must be something else then the standard frames from Brompton that are inside the bags they sell.
So, I started a search on the web and found several solutions.
Most artisanal made. These were too ugly, clumsy, and very expensive.

REVIEW | Brompton front carrier frame for backpack

Finally, I found this product, among other sizes/models, but this is the best one, a very light simple frame and not too expensive. 94 euro with free shipping 
Bromptonic front carrier frame Brompton for Backpack
It weights 277 grams/0,61 pounds.
It fits perfect to the standard block of Brompton, and of course, you can remove it.
It's made from alloy and has a plastic bottom frame.
When this would fit your needs, and you have already a backpack with an "add-a-bag-sleeve." you need to measure the width of the sleeve.
It should be a minimum of 19.5 cm to fit over the rack.
At the moment we believe that we are one of the few that sell this item worldwide.
There is not much to add to this review, only that this frame gave us the idea to start this small shop.
Sharing the products we love with the Brompton community.

If you have any questions, email us at
Thank you for your reading time.

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