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Protect Your Brompton Bike with the Aluminum Alloy Bicycle Chain E Hook Protector

Protect Your Brompton Bike with the Aluminum Alloy Bicycle Chain E Hook Protector

If you own a Brompton bike, you know how important it is to keep it in good condition. One of the most vulnerable parts of your bike is the chain, which can easily run on the frame and damage the paint. That's where the Aluminum Alloy Bicycle Chain E Hook Protector for Brompton comes in.

This protective chain guard sticker is made out of high-quality aluminum, which provides strong and long-lasting protection for your Brompton bike. The stickers are easy to install and will prevent the chain from damaging the frame, even during rough rides.

The Aluminum Alloy Bicycle Chain E Hook Protector for Brompton comes with 3M tape, which provides long-lasting adhesion without damaging your frame color on removal. The stickers are available in several colors, including black, silver, gold, and red, so you can choose the one that best matches your bike's color scheme.

One of the best things about this product is its compatibility. The Aluminum Alloy Bicycle Chain E Hook Protector for Brompton is specifically designed for Brompton bikes, which means it will fit perfectly and provide optimal protection. The product is also incredibly lightweight, with a weight of just 7g per set, so you won't even notice it's there.

To install the Aluminum Alloy Bicycle Chain E Hook Protector for Brompton, simply clean the area where you want to attach it, peel off the protective backing, and apply the sticker to your bike. The sticker is designed to fit the shape of the chain hook perfectly, ensuring optimal protection.

The Aluminum Alloy Bicycle Chain E Hook Protector for Brompton is available for purchase on Bromptonic's website for €44.99. Follow this link to get yours today:

In conclusion, if you want to protect your Brompton bike from chain damage, the Aluminum Alloy Bicycle Chain E Hook Protector for Brompton is a great investment. Its high-quality aluminum construction, long-lasting 3M tape, and lightweight design make it an excellent choice for any Brompton bike owner. So why wait? Choose your preferred color and order yours today!

7 products to add a vintage flair to your Brompton

7 products to add a vintage flair to your Brompton

7 products to add a vintage flair to your Brompton

Brompton folding bikes represent a very curious thing in today’s world. It is both modern in the sense that all the technological advancements in cycling that have ever been produced and discovered have been implemented in its construction. At the same time with its vintage look hardly ever changing since 1975 when it was first introduced to the world by Andrew Ritchie. Timeless classics such as these usually have an affinity to looking vintage and of course nothing adds a vintage flair better than leather parts and accessories. We have compiled a list of items from Bromptonic that will add a touch of Vintage Flair to our trusty Bromptons. 


1. Leather Frame Protector Brompton


Advances in paint protection spearheaded by 3M, Gye-On and more have recently made their way to bikes. Ceramic paint protection has been the number one choice for the more discerning hobbyists out there whether it be for cars, cycling or motorcycling. If you want to protect something, these are the first names that pop up. These advances however don’t translate well to all canvasses, especially with Bromptons. Brommies have all the modern technological advances we all enjoy when it comes to cycling but the look has barely changed for the past 50 years. With this in mind, frame protection against scratches looks better using a more traditional approach in leather. These leather frame protector patches feature genuine leather, they’re also bonded using stitches instead of glue, once you finish wrapping this leather frame protector on your Brompton, it will give it a very vintage aesthetic that would be the envy of every rider out there. This kit comes with needles and a wax rope. Perfect for a weekend project to get really into that vintage feel. 


2. Brompton Bicycle Cow Hide Grip


This product puts the ultimate exclamation point on adding a vintage flair to your ride. The leather is stitched in which perfectly accentuates the stitching you will use on the leather frame protector. Grips are oftentimes one of the most under-rated and least looked at improvements on the bicycle but upgrading to this will help you ride longer as these grips provide a good level of cushioning for your hands that carry about 40% to 60% of your weight while riding a bicycle. When starting out this hobby, a lot of bike shops will recommend upgrading the drivetrain, but seasoned veterans will tell you that contact points to your bicycle is one of the first things you should look at. Getting comfortable on your bike will help you ride longer and build more strength over time rather than buying an expensive drivetrain. 


3. Vintage Retro Leather Saddle Seat for Brompton


This next product brings home the point stated for the previous item, saddles are a very big part of what carries your weight on the bicycle, it carries about 40 to 60% of your weight and should be one of the first things you should upgrade when getting a bike. Contrary to popular belief that cushions are important when it comes to bicycle saddles, the proportion of the saddle to your sit bone is what actually matters more rather than the amount of cushioning present on the seat. Each one of us have different sit bone lengths so it makes it very hard to find the perfect saddle unless we use specialized equipment used by bike fitters around the world to figure out how pressure is distributed while we sit. Fortunately, leather saddles naturally conform to your sit bones, thanks to the malleable material,  over time thus making leather saddles one of the most comfortable saddles out there.


4. Brompton Leather Saddle Bag


Saddle bags are a necessity for every rider out there since they house most of the emergency tools we need to get out of emergency situations, but often times we are left with little to no options when it comes to looks and aesthetic since most of these come in very basic colors that offer no promising changes to the overall look of the bike. Here at Bromptonic we believe this shouldn’t be the case so we added this nifty product.

The most stylish way to keep your tools and emergency patches, saddle bags have long been used to house multi tools, inner tubes, tire levers and patchkits. This nifty little bag will house everything you need to get through emergency situations and mechanical problems while riding. This little leather addition to your kit will compliment the vintage and timeless design of your Brompton. 


5. Brompton Retro Leather Bag  

Bromptons are one of the most versatile commuter bikes available in the market today which offers the perfect balance in speed, versatile foldability, and weight. A Lot of Brommie owners find this bike to be perfect for commuting to and from work so to answer the demand Brompton added a lot of mounts for bags engineered to fold and work well with your Brompton and of course to go with the theme of leather for this little write up, we also found a solution to keep up with the Retro/Vintage leather style. This leather bag is made from real leather and synthetic fabric which can house your laptops, documents and any other stuff you need at the office. Are you worried about if it will rain? This product has got you covered literally, this package comes with a waterproof cover so you can forget about worrying if your electronics will get wet while you’re riding.


6. Brompton Handmade Classic Leather Fender Mudguard

Bromptons are the most versatile bikes for commuting ever. It has the perfect balance of speed, mobility, weight and carrying capacity to bring you  to point A to point B as efficiently as possible. Sometimes though, bike commuting will also have you face weather conditions that you wouldn't think about getting into if you were biking casually, like riding in the rain. Sometimes we have to embrace the weather to go to work or go back home, this mudguard is not only very stylish but it will also save your clothes from getting mud from the road. 

7. Brompton Leather Strip for quick release bag

The Brompton Front Bag Carrier Block is one of the innovations that make Bromptons one of the most versatile commuter bikes in the market today. This will let you carry your bag without having to wear it on your body making it bearable to go longer distances without suffering any pain from carrying your bag too long. Of Course some innovations come with  some drawbacks like the hassle of finding the release for your bag in the event that you use it. This Product not only gives you another chance to add more leather, let’s face it the only way to make bikes with leather to look better is to add more leather, but it also enables you to quickly release your front bag from the Carrier Block.


Written by 

Antonio Silos

The 9 Best Accessories Every Brompton Owner Should Consider in 2021

The 9 Best Accessories Every Brompton Owner Should Consider in 2021

Owning a Brompton gives you access to premium benefits, which most other bike owners cannot boast of. To every Brompton owner, the most outstanding feature of the bike is usually the foldability of the bike. However, you can get more out of your Brompton with a number of additional feature-enhancing accessories.


If you’re looking to make the most of your Brompton bike, you should consider these 9 must-have accessories, specially made for your Brompton folding bike. 

1. Brompton Bike Easy-Wheel Extender - Wheels or extender separate or complete

Every Brompton rider loves to fold their bike. After all, that’s one of the most significant advantages of being a Brompton owner. But there’s more to that part; the Brompton wheel extender is perfectly designed to help you wheel your bike without having it come in contact with the ground. You must have noticed that when you fold your Brompton, the Aluminum ring might hit the ground while you're moving it. The wheel extender is designed to solve this problem entirely, ensuring no portion of your bike touches the ground. 



This fantastic accessory is crafted from sturdy aluminum. The wheels are wrapped in durable rubber, making it difficult for cracks and other debris on the road to stick onto the material or cause any damage. In addition to these, the Wheel-Extender makes it much easier and comfortable to move your bike around, and it allows you to align your Brompton Bike with it, regardless of the bike’s size. Learn more

2. Brompton iPhone mount

Another cool accessory that you want to install on your bike is the iPhone mount. But it is not only fit for iPhones, as the product is designed to hold any phone. This essentially makes it easy to take calls while riding your bike. For bikers who’d love to have their devices in front of them while on the go, this is a perfect solution to mount your phone on the Brompton. 



During installation, you can adjust the angle or position of the mount for the best view and access. You won’t need to re-adjust it when folding the Brompton or unfolding it. The mount fits securely at the Brompton handlebar center bolt to ensure secure mounting of your Phone. The package comes with a Smart Case Mount, 3M Mount, and a Brompton Mount. It is best to attach the 3M mount on a phone case with a flat back instead of directly on your phone. Learn more

3. Brompton front carrier frame        

This is a front frame rack that you can use to hold your backpack on your Brompton bike. You don’t have to carry your bag on your back while riding. Simply install the Brompton front frame carrier to lighten the load for you. There’s an "add-a-bag sleeve that slides over another suitcase trolley. With this backpack-attaching solution, you can attach almost any backpack of your choice, without a frame inside, to your Brompton.



The frame is crafted to lock on the original Brompton front carrier block. Learn more here

4. Brompton carry handle & shoulder strap

To make carrying the folded Brompton bike even easier for you, all you need to do is attach this product to the bike. The main advantage here is that it frees up your hand for holding other things. The Brompton carry handle and shoulder strap is a two-in-one product. It contains a carry-on handle attached to a shoulder strap held by two snap-hooks. This makes for a more balanced and comfortable lifting of your bike. 



The Brompton carry handle & shoulder strap is made from premium PP material, rubber, and nylon cloth, and it is designed to ensure there’s no significant increase in weight, even if you need to carry your bike for a long time. Learn more

5. Brompton Child Seat

Parents who would love to hold their kids close while riding could really use this accessory. It’s designed to offer both comfort and value to caregivers or the infant while riding along. The Brompton child seat is also ideal for taking your child out on an evening of cycling fun. The seat is made from an aluminum alloy combined with stainless steel and other materials that ensure its durability and strength. 



It is easy to install and remove without additional tools or any special skills. The saddle is soft and comfortable and comes with an adjustable backrest and fork arm - offering safety as well. Note that it is best suited for children between the age of 2 to 6 and up to 125 cm. Additionally, the Brompton front bicycle seat is easily foldable, ultra-light, and packed with a free carrying bag. Learn more.

6.  Brompton Leather Carrier Handle

This is similar to the Brompton carry handle and shoulder strap, but the major difference with the Leather Carrier Handle is that it introduces some style to carrying your bike. It is easy to think you’re carrying a suitcase when holding your Brompton with this carrier handle. The Brompton carry handle is made with solid leather material, which is fixed on the bike handle - the same position you would hold it if you were to carry the bike without the strap. 



Another factor that makes it different from the carry handle and shoulder strap is that it cannot only be hand-held and not carried over the shoulder. But the thick leather provides you with enough strength to safely carry your Brompton. The straps are attached to another piece of leather that keeps them in the right position while providing additional protection to the bike’s frame. The handle, on the other hand, is lined with leather in places where it touches the frame, an arrangement that saves the bike’s frame from getting scratched. Learn more about the Brompton Leather Carrier Handle.

7. Brompton Rear Rack Set

In case you’ve been looking for that extra feature on your Brompton that allows you to go shopping without worrying how the cargo will follow you home, here is the perfect solution you need. Even pizza delivery is possible with this accessory attached to the back of the Brompton. It is specifically made for and only compatible with Brompton bicycles. 



The Brompton Rear Rack Set works well with both Steel and Titanium Brompton rear frames. It typically has a load capacity of 10kg. This cool accessory is perfect for carrying a lot of extra cargo, instead of carrying a backpack. It has a wheel diameter of 43mm, and it comes with 4 wheels. Learn more.

8. Brompton Chain Guard Protector

The chain guard protector is another essential add-on you want to include on your bicycle. Instead of leaving your wheel chainstay exposed to possible damages on the road, you can protect it by installing the Brompton chain guard protector over the bike’s chainstay. The Brompton chain guard protector does not only help you keep your Brompton chainstay looking fresh; it is a fancy way to achieve that. By the way, bikes that have chainstays are a cool aesthetic addition that enhances the look of the bike. 

This product has a carbon fiber sticker that protects your chainstay from damage. The carbon fiber material is ideal for ensuring the product’s durability while giving it a modern look. The Brompton Chain Guard Protector sticks to your chainstay with a thin strip of strong 3M adhesive. Learn more.

9. Brompton Apple AirTag Mount

Finally, here’s a very important one. With an Apple AirTag, you can achieve an additional layer of security or anti-theft protection to secure your precious Brompton bike. Following the introduction of the AirTag, many folks have purchased the product with the intention of protecting their precious possessions from theft and unintended loss. Brompton owners also have an opportunity to leverage this unique product for the safety of their bikes.




If you’ve been wondering where on your bike to fix the Apple AirTag, worry no more. The Brompton Apple AirTag Mount allows you to do that with ease. This is a 3D printed lightweight mount with which you can secure your AirTag to your Brompton bike. It also ensures that bike thieves do not easily discover the position of the AirTag. The material used is plastic, featuring a high-end imitation carbon fiber film on the surface. Check this article to learn more about how the Apple AirTag can help you secure your bike. 


The mounts are available in two options, which are the screw and strap types. You can fix the screw-type on the back of the bike seat using screws. The strap type, on the other hand, can be fixed on either the front or back of the seat. Alternatively, you can tie it to other parts of the bike that you like. Learn more

REVIEW: 4 Rear racks for Brompton reviewed

REVIEW: 4 Rear racks for Brompton reviewed

If you have a Brompton bike, you are certainly delighted with its functionality, and if you add the rear carriers for the bag, your enthusiasm can only be even greater. We present you four models of the brackets. Each has a special purpose that will perfectly respond to all your needs.


The Brompton Lightweight Rear Rack costs €94,99 , and it’s made of aluminum material, which means that the weight of your bike will be minimally increased with this accessory. It will allow you to carry extra weight without making it harder for you to ride. If you are planning to go camping, you do not have to give up things that you would otherwise take by car, feel free to have everything you need with you because the carrying capacity of this carrier goes all the way to 50 kilograms.

The Brompton Aluminum Rear Rack Q Type is priced at €49,99. It is the cheapest model we are offering, but no less useful. This model is the right choice if you need it for a daily ride when completing day-to-day tasks, such as going to work or shopping. Its maximum carrying capacity is 10 kilograms. It comes without wheels, but you can buy them colorful or black version in our Bromptonic Store. It is extremely light, so it won't make your riding any harder, and at the same time it is durable. You can choose this model in black and silver and adapt it to the aesthetics of the Brompton bike you have.

The Rear Brompton Rack Lightweight Aluminum in the four-wheel version is the most expensive carrier we are offering. It is valued at €164,99 for a version with 4 wheels. It has the largest load capacity of as many as 100 kilograms, and with the size of 125 * 200 mm, you will get a compact model ideal for riding and folding a Brompton bicycle in the most diverse situations. This model comes in 2 variants, with both or none of the wheels.

The Brompton Rear Rack Set is a model that combines affordable price and convenience. This bracket has dimensions of 370mm * 115mm which make it our largest bracket, its price is €94,99. It is also made of aluminum, but due to bigger dimensions, it weighs 377 grams. It is great for carrying larger loads of medium weight.

Bromptonic rear racks

We hope that you can find the accessories that will be useful for your Brompton bike and thus increase the enjoyment of riding, while making it even more comfortable. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, so visit our Bromptonic Store, complete your bike and set off.


REVIEW: Using the Apple AirTag to Protect Your Brompton Bike Against Theft

REVIEW: Using the Apple AirTag to Protect Your Brompton Bike Against Theft

If you are a Brompton owner, you already know what it would feel like to lose your Brompton bike to theft. Many of us currently use one or a couple of measures to keep our bikes. But no matter what your option is already, I’m certain you’d like to learn about how you can introduce an additional layer of security or anti-theft protection to your precious Brompton bike.

Apple AirTag. AirTag is an iPhone accessory that provides you with a private and secure way to locate personal effects when you lose them easily. If you’re familiar with the Samsung SmartTag or Tile, then the Apple AirTag will not be entirely new to you. But if this is your first time coming across or hearing about Apple AirTags, they are half-dollar-size discs, which, when connected to your iPhone, work with Bluetooth to help you locate lost items, such as keys, wallets, your pets, and other valuables.

You simply attach the AirTag to the device you wish to track and monitor the location using your Apple device. Keep in mind that Apple AirTags only work with newer versions of Apple products. From our testing, the device is compatible with any of the following:

  • iPhone SE 
  • iPhone 6s and newer
  • iPad, 5th generation, and newer
  • iPad Air 2 and newer
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad mini 4

 So, we tried using AirTag for tracking a bike, and what we discovered is that it is a cool way to track a lost or stolen bike. Whether you live in a sparsely populated or dense urban environment, you can pretty much rely on the resourcefulness of Apple AirTags to help you protect your bike from theft. You mean I can use Apple AirTags to protect my Brompton bike from bike thieves? Well, here’s all you need to know about using Apple AirTags to protect your bike.

What Do Apple AirTags Do?

First, let's start with what Apple AirTags are designed to do. Apple AirTags are small disc-shaped trackers designed to help you find a pretty wide range of possessions, from little handy stuff like wallets to bigger items like your bicycle. The AirTag works well when it’s within the range of your device's Bluetooth. Outside that range, it relies on the Bluetooth of other Apple devices around it to send you real-time notifications on the location of your possession. 

The device is tiny enough to stay inconspicuous on the item to which it is attached. This means that opportunistic thieves cannot easily spot them. The AirTags are 31.9mm in diameter and 8mm thick. With the CR2032 coin-cell battery installed in the AirTags, you can expect to use them for at least one year before needing to replace them.

How Does it Work?

If your device is compatible, considering the list above, then you can easily pair your AirTag with your iOS device through the ‘Find My’ network button. We tested the AirTag with several household items. We discovered that users could even give the tracker a name, making it easy for you to remember exactly which device you’re tracking.

Once you’re done setting up the device, you can attach the AirTag to any object you want to track. Henceforth, whenever any iPhone is in the vicinity of the AirTag (which has been attached to the object), the location of the AirTag is updated, and you can see that on your device. This way, you can pinpoint exactly where the item is.

Bromptonic Apple Airtag

So Can I Use Apple AirTags to Protect My Brompton Bike?

The answer to this question is yes, but the effectiveness of the device depends on certain specifics, as you’ll learn in the subsequent paragraphs. I removed the plastic tab to activate the AirTag, then set a name for it. Next is putting the AirTag on the bike. Because of the coin or disc-like shape of the tag, you may not easily find a place to place it on the Brompton.

Setting Up

The idea was to place it in a place where a thief wouldn't easily notice it, so we set on 

The steel tube of the Brompton. I used my friend’s Brompton Bike for this experiment, and luckily, it had a top tube cover over the steel frame. The AirTag fits nicely in between the steel tube cover and the frame.

Alternatively, you can try using a tape or velcro to attach it to the underside of the saddle or right on top of the seat post. We tried fitting the AirTag into the steel tube of the Brompton, but with a diameter of 3.2cm, it was slightly too wide to fit. 

The Chase

Once the setup was completed, my friend acted as the volunteer thief, riding off into neighboring streets on the tagged bike. I monitored on my iPhone using a different bike to trail him. I waited about 10 minutes before opening the ‘Find My’ app to look for the AirTag. At first, it was static and only started to move when the thief had gained some distance. When the distance is too far, and the AirTag is out of range, Apple allows you to put the AirTag in ‘Lost Mode’. This will notify a nearby iPhone that there’s a lost item around them. 

The only disadvantage here is that the bike thief would also know that you’re tracking him (assuming he has a compatible Apple device, too), so I didn’t activate the Lost Mode. Interestingly, the location was updated with amazing alacrity, making it easy for me to track with accuracy. Once he stopped moving, I could also see that on the ‘Find My’ map. Eventually, he stopped at a restaurant; I came up close and found the bike. 

How Effective is the AirTag?

From our little experiment, I can categorically say that the AirTag does work. However, there are a few limitations I discovered during the test.


Easy to locate the bike: the AirTags gives you a similar experience as with GPS trackers. They work really well for tracking bikes and other important possessions. Using the ‘Find My’ function, you can track the location of your bike pretty easily. And considering the battery life of the device, it is easy to conclude that the value is worth more than the price, 35 euro, of the AirTag. 

Long battery life: The battery of AirTag battery is designed to last up to a year. Additionally, you can easily change it for a fair price. This makes the Apple AirTag a more preferred choice than Tile or Samsung Tag.

Compact and lightweight: Apple AirTags are pretty compact for a connected beacon. Because of their size, they occupy less space than a Tile or Samsung beacon. They have a light weight, making them ideal for installing on a bike without it being noticed.

A huge network of beacons: The beauty of the Apple AirTag is that they still work even when you are out of range. This is because it relies on the connection of other iOS users. The huge localization network potential available with every Apple device connected to the Internet is the game-changer here. 


The thief could remove the device: the thief may not be scared away, but if they use an iPhone as well, they’ll notice the AirTag is on the bike when you start tracking. So while tracking your bike, you would hope the AirTag remains unnoticed by the thief.

Limited availability: Since the AirTag depends on the location finder function of other Apple devices, you may not be able to track your lost Brompton in a sparsely populated area where a lot of people do not use an iPhone.

Privacy protection: Despite the beauty of the product, Apple has deliberately placed a limit on how long the beacon can stay active once activated. Apple obviously does not want people stalking others with the AirTags. So, if an AirTag remains activated after a certain amount of time has passed, it will draw attention to itself automatically, sending a message to surrounding iOS to that effect. It gives off a sound that no one can miss. 

This means that non-Apple device users, such as Android and Windows, will also get notifications regarding the presence of the AirTag on the bike. The noise will alert the thief, and they will disconnect the device. By allowing three days, Apple is giving users a window of time to locate it.

Final Thoughts

Apple AirTags are a great addition to the market. Regarding using the device to protect your bike from theft, you will find it pretty handy and easy to use. Installing is easy as well, but you can only hope that the bike thief does not have an iPhone with the ‘Find My Location’ button turned on. Among the places where you can install the AirTags are on the top of the Seatpost, under the bike saddle, and in-between the steel tube cover and the bike frame.

If you are interested to attach your Airtag to your saddle we have a nice product for that ! Follow this link