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  • REVIEW | Brompton front carrier frame for backpack | Bromptonic

    REVIEW | Brompton front carrier frame for backpack

    Since we have our bikes, we have wanted to attach our Tumi backpack to our Brompton.

    We have the original block from Brompton attached to our bikes. I own an original large shopping bag from Brompton.
    It was frustrating to own an expensive, good quality backpack from Tumi and not being able to attach it.

    So, I started a search on the web and found several solutions but or too expensive.

  • Who Is Bromptonic? | Bromptonic

    Who Is Bromptonic?

    We're just people who love traveling, commuting and riding Brompton bicycles!

    In our search to enhance our Brompton riding experience, we encountered difficulties to find accessories that are specially made for Brompton.