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REVIEW Brompton Backpack Bag - Shoulder Bag

REVIEW Brompton Backpack Bag - Shoulder Bag

REVIEW Brompton Backpack Bag - Shoulder Bag

I live in Argentina. For 18 years, I’ve been running a company that imports writing products.

Before I knew about Brompton bikes, I carried out my work by walking and using public transportation. Getting around the city every day for work was a huge pain. I saw my first Brompton in NYC several years ago. I asked the person using it what brand it was and where it came from. From that moment on, I looked into the possibility of getting one. At that time, they weren’t being imported to Argentina.

After a few years, they began to be sold here and I was able to buy my first Brompton, an H3L. Today I have 4 (H3R, H6R Black Edition, M3L and H6L). I sold the first one to buy the Black Edition. In other words, I’ve bought 5 in total. For my work, I live in and travel to several cities in Argentina. Since Bromptons are the best folding bikes for getting from one place to another, I wanted to have one in every city where I’m typically located for work and pleasure. Ever since I bought my first Brompton, I became a fan of the brand and its features. I started getting accessories that I found useful, such as baskets, tools, a workbench for maintenance, etc. I’m always looking for something new and useful for riding, whether for work or my free time. 

A few days ago, I received an email from Jean-Pierre Bobbaers of Bromptonic, who very courteously told me that as fans they found it difficult to find accessories for Brompton. Their company’s mission, as written on their website, is: ‘to make it easier for other Brompton fans to buy the products we like.’ This totally resonated with me. In the email, they offered me the chance to write a review about a product of my choice.

As I had been wanting to get a bag for a while, I asked for "the Brompton Roll Top Bag with Water Resistant Rain Cover and Adjustable Strap," which they sent me as a gift. After a few weeks of use, I’ve determined that it’s a very high-quality bag. Because it rolls up from the top, it can be adjusted to the size of whatever you’re carrying. It’s medium-sized, though it can fit items that extend over the top. The strap doubles as a handle if I don't want to hang it over my shoulder.

Basically, it can turn from a briefcase to a shoulder bag, which is extremely useful! It’s about 45 centimeters high, so you can carry anything up to that size. If I want to carry something bigger or taller, the disadvantage is that the clasp won’t fasten over it. I wish it had a little more slack. The size of the bag could be somewhat bigger, too. With Brompton, there’s no problem carrying weight, as the front support system is very strong. The width is good and the bag adjusts to 36 centimeters when closed. I use it to carry mate (a tea-like drink that’s very popular in Argentina) and other everyday things when I go out with my girlfriend. For work, I use it to carry the merchandise I sell, as well as folders and binders. I love Brompton !

This Brompton Bag can be purchased here 

REVIEW | Brompton Water Bottle Holder Dom Monkii Cage with Clip

REVIEW | Brompton Water Bottle Holder Dom Monkii Cage with Clip

REVIEW | Brompton Water Bottle Holder Monkey Cage with Clip -  You can purchase the Brompton Water Bottle Holder Monkey Cage with Clip here
The Brompton is the perfect bike for me, here in Toronto, and living in an apartment. My usual rides are a leisurely 20-40km each, 3 to 5 times a week, 200 - 400km/month in the summer, along smooth and bumpy and potholed roads, some gravel sections, and ravine paths. I have tried so many water bottle holders over the years that I’ve lost count. I can put my hand on three right now in the cupboard, unused because the clamping to the bike wasn’t good enough, or the cage didn’t hold the bottle tightly. And for the last few months my refreshment has been taking up valuable space in the pannier which is rigged with a Trigo bracket onto the adapter block on the front of my Brompton. So I needed another refreshment holder.
Lo and behold, out of the blue I was invited to review a Bromptonic product of my choice.  Due to my experience mentioned above, I chose the "Dom Monkii” water bottle holder. The deal was that I did not have to pay for the product, I will not receive any financial payment for this review, and I am free to say what I want.
The DOM Monkii arrived in one parcel containing two boxes. The larger of the boxes contains the Monkii “cage” (photo #1 with a flask) which has a velcro strap and friction pads to hold the water bottle. The holder comes with two loose mushroom shaped knobs which can be screwed into the cage bosses of a regular bike, but are not required for the Brompton. The smaller box contained the Monkii “clip” (photo #2), an adaptor for where you don’t have cage bosses on your bike, as is the case with the Brompton. It has two mushroom shaped knobs onto which you slide the cage. The clip (photo #2) is easily mounted with two 3mm hex screws to the steering or seat post of the Brompton. Also included with the clip are two rubber fittings to reduce the diameter for the top of the tapered Brompton steering post, if you want to mount it higher up, or on a smaller diameter frame. The clip, it should be noted, would not fit on the horizontal mainframe of a Brompton, which is too large a diameter. 
The cage (photo #1) with the bottle semi-permanently held in by the velcro strap and two rubber friction pads, is inserted into the post-mounted clip by holding it off-vertical and sliding it onto the top knob on the clip, then straightening the bottle and sliding it down onto the lower knob. It's a quick “tilt - slide up - straighten - lower” movement to slide onto the clip, is very secure, and becomes automatic after a little practice.  
The velcro strap on the cage has the advantage that the bottle is very firmly held to the holder and doesn’t rattle at all when installed into the clip on the post.  It also means that you can use almost any bottle in the holder, up to the specified 1.5 litre limit. The Brompton ride can be bumpy, and using my strap-on or my clamp-on holders I have had water bottles pop out of the holder when I hit a bump or pothole.  To my delight I found I can also use the Monkii with a very slender Thermos, which I could not do with most other holders, because it wasn’t held tightly. I usually carry a Gatorade bottle, or my Thermos flask with ice water or coffee, as appropriate for the season. The Monkii cage can also hold a larger bottle, up to a specified 1.5 litre limit. It does not quite hold a large square container, such as a 2 litre milk carton, but that’s what the bag up front is for!
I’ve been testing it out for a few weeks now, and the bottle or flask has held firm on all terrain. The moulding of the parts is of good quality, with no burrs or vulnerable parts that I can see as obvious weaknesses, so I expect it will last a long time. This Monkii cage retains the bottle firmly and is easily accessed and replaced. The arrangement (photo #3) doesn’t get in the way of folding the bicycle and I can even fold the bike with the (filled) Gatorade bottle upside down, (photo #4). It also works with my flask, but I would not do this with a larger heavier, filled bottle, so beware!
 The Monkii is now fully adopted by me, and will be my only water bottle holder for the foreseeable future. Highly recommended!
Edik Zwarenstein

REVIEW: Brompton carry handles

REVIEW: Brompton carry handles

Brompton carry handles are by many Brompton fans seen as a non-necessary item since the Brompton does have a built-in handle on the seat for holding it when folded.

However, in our opinion, that is not always true. The best example is a comment from our client, Mikael from Sweden and I quote: "Really want that strap. The electric Brompton has some extra weight." 
Or another lady from Belgium: "I need to carry my Brompton 3 stories high, and I have a back problem."

The Weight
The problem is that the Brompton folding bike weights not light, depending on the model and configuration, but ranges from 9 – 12½ kg (20 – 28lbs).

The seat
However, the Brompton seat isn't as comfortable as many custom seats. Besides, the seat from Brompton is not convenient to hold when the bike is unfolded. Another problem when holding the Brompton it's transport is uncomfortable. With the pedals or frame, it is easy to reach your shins when holding it. 

When you're holding it by the seat handle, the Brompton is heavy at the end. The front appears to lean forward, allowing the hitting of objects or those around you when riding public transportation, something that is not healthy. 

Carry handle
The Brompton carry handle addresses all of those problems. The handle lets you hold your bike from the center of the frame. The middle carrying of the Brompton makes the bike more balanced and less likely to touch you or someone else.
If you are a smaller individual or are expected to hold it for more extended periods, the Brompton can be very heavy. And carrying it up steps can be tough, particularly if you are in a city like Brussels with its metro stations. 

So let's have a look at two different carry handles:

Brompton Leather Carry Handle made of Genuine Cowhide Leather
It is produced from saddle leather and is available in either natural, black, or brown. The Brompton carry handle makes carrying your bicycle much more relaxed and comfortable. 

The price is €51,99, and you can buy it here .

Brompton carry handle & shoulder strap 
This carry handle has the advantage that you can carry it in two ways, in your hand or on your shoulder.

This accessory is perfect if you need your hands free to take other things. - in addition to allowing a balanced and comfortable lifting thanks to its central handle - it is matched with a shoulder strap held by two snap-hooks.It is made out of polyester, and thanks to the velcro straps very easy to attach to your bike. This Brompton carry handle & shoulder strap is the best price-quality product we have.The price is €29,99 and you can buy it here 


What is your reason for adding a carry handle to your Brompton? Tell us in the comments. Thank you !

Review | Brompton mount for iPhone or Smartphone

Review | Brompton mount for iPhone or Smartphone | Bromptonic


Last summer, I decided to get an iPhone mount for my Brompton.

The iPhone needed to be easily and quickly removable. It should look good and should not block the folding position.


After a couple of hours reviewing the web, I found the one I needed. I am going to spare you my search results and review of other products, simply because this one is the only one that is specifically made for the Brompton.

The most important feature and benefit is that you can nicely fit it in the middle of your steering wheel. So perfectly symmetrical. All other mounts for smartphones you have to attach left or right of the center.

It fits all Brompton handlebars, the S, M, H, and the P. 

The mount has three parts: 

  • A plastic phone holder that you screw to the Bromton mount
  • A plastic mount to attach to your phone case.
  • A 3M high-quality sticker to attach the mount to your phone case.
  • A Brompton mount that you attach and screw to the middle of the handlebar.
Brompton phone mount

WARNING: Don't attach the plastic mount directly to your phone. The 3M sticker is difficult to remove. Just buy a plastic case for your phone that is not to thin (like silicon).

Once you have attached the mount to your Brompton, you just adjust the phone screen angle only once during installation. 

No need to re-adjust during the folding or unfolding process.

TIP: I did not screw the mount hard, so I can still adjust the angle if I want.

The phone mount is not to thick and still fits nicely in my pocket. However, if you don't use your phone on your bike on a daily base, you just remove the case with the mount case on it.

I encountered only one negative point; my iPhone XR is just a bit to large to nicely fit between the H handlebar. I fixed this by adjusting the angle of the phone.

If you have any questions, email me at

Thank you for your reading time.


REVIEW | Brompton front carrier frame for backpack

REVIEW | Brompton front carrier frame for backpack | Bromptonic

Since we have our bikes, we have wanted to attach our Tumi backpack to our Brompton.

We have the original block from Brompton attached to our bikes. I own an original large shopping bag from Brompton.
It was frustrating to own an expensive, good quality backpack from Tumi and not being able to attach it.

So, I started a search on the web and found several solutions but or too expensive.

Read more