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      Who Is Bromptonic?

      It all began with our passion for Brompton bikes in May 2018. 

      We are just a group of people from a Brussels design agency (IMAGINIF) who love to design, travel and commute. Especially on Brompton bikes!

      We’re a big fan of Tumi products, and that made us think. How great would it be if there were accessories specifically for Brompton bikes so we could attach our Tumi backpack to our bikes? Like anyone with a passion, we were looking to enhance our Brompton riding experience. We had no idea how many of you would feel the same!

      What began as a craving for bike accessories turned into a niche business with an ever-growing customer base. Starting with 9, we’ve expanded to over 120 popular products.

      It’s so important to us that we sell merchandises we love and that you’ll love, too. That’s why we sell products that we all use, not all of them but many. Because after all, we began as customers too.

      Happy Brompton biking !